About Us

S. ASEAN International Advocacy & Consultancy (SAIAC) is a strategic business, government, public affairs, public policy, corporate legal consultancy and research firm, established in 2010. The firm started as a strategic partner to ASEAN Secretariat in managing the implementations of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) roadmap. The company today has evolved to successfully providing strategic counsel to CEO’s of MNC’s, government & public policy affairs, marketing & business development team as well as project management. We also work on several Embassy related projects.

The subsidiaries companies are ANAYAKA Digital Activation, ANAYAKA Trading & Global Supply Chain House and ANAYAKA Agri Future.

Founder Background

Shanti Shamdasani is the founder & CEO of S. ASEAN International Advocacy & Consultancy, a strategic public policy & government affairs firm specializing in matters related to policy shaping, regulations, investments, market entry, public private partnership, government outreach, funding & projects management.

Of late, the firm has expanded to digital advocacy, market intelligence catering to large MNC’s around the region. Ms. Shamdasani has provided consultations & formed advisory panels that lead US, EU, China & Korean businesses engagement with senior government officials on market entry & addressing entry barriers.

She also created the ASEAN CEO Think Tank Working Group consisting of Top Regional CEO’s of MNC’s & continue to provide consultations to Business Leaders in the region on market penetration, barriers & policy directions.

During Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship (2011), Ms. Shamdasani served as an Advisor to the President of Indonesia, Bambang Yudhoyono on matters related to Southeast Asia economic & political development. In her capacity, she worked closely with several Ministers in the region to drive trade negotiations talks.

Ms. Shamdasani has spent 17 years working for large US & European MNC’s including 10 years with Pfizer & 5 years with Johnson & Johnson, which includes 3 years with DHL, all at a Senior Regional Director positions working in 4 different countries.

She is a regular commentaries, writer on print & electronic media & a source person at CNN Asia, offering thoughts on policy, economic, digitization, business challenges around the region. She is a frequent speaker at ASEAN & International Forums & some of her concepts has been published at academic institutions. She is currently doing her PhD in Law at the University of Pelita Harapan.

Ms. Shamdasani has been widely recognized as one of the strongest proponents of forging ties between ASEAN & its investing partners. She is currently serving at the Board of East Asia Business Council, the Chairwoman of ASEAN India Business Council (AIBC, Indonesia Chapter), President of ASEAN International Advocacy, Chair at KADIN (Indonesian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) FTA Committee & knowledge partner at Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Board of Advisor

Dato Tan Sri Munir


Chairman of CARI

Soebronto Laras


President Commissioner at IndoMobil

Ravindran Ramasamy


Ex-Parliamentarian Partner at CNP Law

Habib Choudhury


Chairman at HSMM Group of Companies

Dr. Hoosmand Palany


Karen Vilanueva


Dinh Tien Dung


Dr. Ir. Donna Gultom, M. Sc


Dr. dr. Supriyantoro, SpP, MARS


Dr. Rusdian Lubis


Dr. Selly Hertanu Rorong


Prof. Hasbullah Thabrany


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